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Understand if divorce is the right option.
Prepare, prepare, prepare!
Help you save time, and save money.
Tell you things you may not have thought about.
Give you checklists and step-by-step advice.
Let you focus on the important issues and help protect relationships.

You never thought you’d arrive at this cross-road when you married, and when you do, you tend to act and react from pure emotion.

Every couple has unique circumstances that require individualized attention, but there are certain steps that everyone contemplating separation and divorce should take to protect themselves, their children, and their property.

This book will take you through the steps. You will save time and save money, and be prepared to deal with what’s to come and how to come out better in the end.

At this point it doesn’t matter if you are the one leaving, or the one getting left behind; the fact is: the marriage is over.

A divorce can cost you emotionally, financially, and physically. You should avoid divorce at all costs unless you are a victim of domestic violence. Try marriage counseling even if your spouse refuses to go. A marriage is seldom perfect, but imperfection alone is not a good reason for divorce. If your heart and head are not in agreement about separating from your spouse, you need to slow down, re-think and, perhaps, re-focus on making your marriage work.
If divorcing is at all a shock to you, you are likely to react by making bad, emotional decisions. A professional counselor can help guide you through these difficult times, and a divorce mediator or lawyer can explain the process to you. At this stage, knowledge is power. So, learn as much as you can.

Also attend to your spiritual needs since they are a critical part of your balance. If you attend a church, synagogue or other place of worship.
See someone who is in a position to help you. Even if they counsel against divorce, they will generally support you, and you may find you need their support as the process moves forward.
If you are in an abusive relationship, you should get help immediately. Your safety and that of your children is of greatest importance and should come first over anyone’s advice. Legal aid and domestic violence shelters will generally provide immediate assistance at no cost. But if you are sure the end has come and all hope of saving the marriage is lost, read on.

James T.

Buffalo, NY

"It wasn’t my decision to file for divorce, so it came as a shock to me when my wife filed the papers. This book helped calm me down and really take things step-by-step."

Wendy R.

Stockport, UK

"There are so many emotions that you go through during a divorce and it’s easy to lose sight of the things that really matter. Without this book, I think I’d have a completely different relationship with my kids than the one Ihave today. This book really helped keep me focus on the most important people in my life, my kids."

Rodney & Belinda M.

Denver, CO

"I was thinking of divorce, and this book started by really asking whether it was the right thing to do. I discovered that no marriage is perfect, and thanks to this book, we’ve found the steps and the help we need to overcome our problems and are working on our marriage.”

Is divorce or separation the answer?

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